Criterions on Netflix Streaming

March 29, 2010

Editor’s Note: I’ve written a new site that automatically gets this list with live info from both Netflix and Criterion: The list on this blog page was a little bit out of date, so you should visit the new site -- I've removed the content here since it's a bit misleading. Cheers!

I’ve gone through all 500+ Criterion titles, and by hand I’ve searched out which ones are available on Netflix via their Play Instantly feature. This took a lot longer than I initially expected, so hopefully someone finds the list of value. Here it is, sorted by Criterion spine number:

List removed, check out for an up to date list.

Also as a note, I think I’m keeping the data online at Socrata in case anyone wants to embed/slice/dice.

Written by Zac Schellhardt on March 29, 2010